GHXcellence Awards

GHXcellence Awards recognize supply chain leaders that are driving savings and efficiency for their organizations, their trading partners and the healthcare industry through automation and best practices.

Excellence in ePayables - Supplier

This new award is presented to the GHX supplier customer that has demonstrated the value of automating invoicing and payment processes.  


  • Must be a GHX eInvoicing and/or ePay customer

Criteria considered

Note: Nominees are not required to meet all these criteria, nor are they limited to these. This criteria defines the range of accomplishment considered for this award. 

  • Percentage of payments received electronically
  • Percentage of invoices delivered electronically
  • Reduced postage expense due to invoices delivered electronically
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) due to electronic invoice delivery and/or payment automation
  • Reduce Accounts Receivable staff time on reconciliation, collection and invoice mailing due to electronic invoice delivery and/or payment automation
  • Strategic execution – how ePayables and eInvoicing help achieve organizational objectives

Nominations should include supporting documentation whenever possible.

2017 Winner: Boston Scientific

  • Boston Scientific takes a leadership position in automation, applying technology through the payment process for thousands of GHX provider customers, driving efficiency internally and for their customers.

  • Now averaging less than 10 days sales outstanding (DSO), a dedicated focus to onboard new trading partners led to a $50M increase in e-payments and anticipation of doubling of volumes in 2018.
2017 - Boston Scientific
2017 Winner -
Boston Scientific
2016 - Excellence in ePayables - Supplier
2016 Winner -