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Pricing Alignment

GHX delivers pricing alignment solutions with contract management that help create process efficiencies and reduce discrepancies. We automate labor-intensive processes for better visibility, simplified management and improved compliance. You can leverage our collaborative workflows to reduce the time and labor associated with offering new contracts and take control of pricing updates.

Now it’s easy to align with your trading partners

You want to leverage the contracts you’ve spent valuable time negotiating, so look to GHX to help you create new contracts, avoid commission overpayments and reward partners who achieve sales goals in a timely and accurate manner. We help streamline cumbersome processes so you can reduce revenue leakage and target new opportunities.

It’s an ongoing challenge to manage contract pricing with thousands of product price changes occurring across the industry on a daily basis. By automating the process of managing contract price notifications, GHX enables manufacturers and distributors to get aligned on price, helping reduce pricing discrepancies for significant time and cost savings for both parties.

GHX helps you:

  • Avoid manual rework and lost revenue due to incorrect pricing
  • Accelerate utilization of new contracts and pricing
  • Reduce discrepancy resolution time
  • Get quick access / visibility into contract pricing
  • Reduce overpayments related to GPO administration, distributor rebates, sales commissions and chargebacks

Delivering real value to customers

We uncovered a single mistake that was costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. GHX is savings us millions, and the benefits far outweigh the cost.
—Lacey Gay, National Medical Manager, Energizer
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Pricing Alignment