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Master Data Management

GHX helps your organization get ready to reap the benefits of e-commerce. Using data that’s both supplier-owned and verified, our content repository lets you publish and update your catalog and synchronize with your customers. We can also cleanse your customer master data* to help you achieve accurate sales analysis, focused marketing activities and visibility into your customers’ buying patterns. In addition, we can help you implement data standards, which may result in savings, and ultimately, improve patient safety.

Don’t let bad data get in your way

e-Commerce lets you work more quickly and efficiently. But if you don’t have accurate product information and data synchronization between you and your buyers, it just helps you send bad data faster. You’ll still be facing higher costs, longer delivery times, purchasing errors, incorrect delivery, price discrepancies, missed contract opportunities and fragmented purchasing.

Accurate data can help you to maximize the benefits of e-commerce and supply chain efficiencies, leading to reduced errors and discrepancies and improved customer satisfaction. So don’t let another day go by with bad data. Look to GHX to improve and maintain the accuracy of your master data as well as structure it according to industry standards.

GHX helps you tackle:

  • Error-prone invoicing: Reduce invoicing errors and associated costs with cleansed customer master data.
  • Incorrect commission payments: Visibility into correct customer information, contract pricing and sales tracking lead to more accurate commission payments.
  • Unconsolidated, redundant master data management processes for regulatory, e-commerce and standards activities: Clean customer master data is critical to the success of standards implementation and will help improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • Redundancy, compatibility, consistency issues following a merger or acquisition: Accurate customer master data management enables a smoother transition process during and following a merger or acquisition. 

Delivering real value to customers

We helped Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics standardize its product identification to improve patient safety, streamline the healthcare supply chain and support compliance with industry and regulatory requirements. How can we help you?

Global data standards adoption is part of our customer excellence strategy, as it enables us to deliver the right products to the right location at the right time. This not only improves patient safety, but also helps to drive down costs by streamlining supply chain processes and reducing errors.
—Dietmar Hein, Head of Global e-Commerce, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
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Master Data Management