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Healthcare Supplier Solutions

Do business the way your customers prefer—while growing your revenue.

Supplier Solutions OverviewYour customers want to do business with you through EDI (a.k.a. electronic data interchange). Why? Because it’s fast, accurate and efficient. The more business they conduct electronically, the lower their operational costs.

The benefits work both ways. GHX e-commerce solutions not only help you become a preferred vendor, they significantly help drive down your operational costs as well. The effort required to manage and fill orders is reduced by up to 75%, from $20 to $5 per order, on average.

GHX drives down discrepancy rates and optimizes your order-to-cash cycle as data is exchanged quickly and accurately, helping you reduce DSOs by up to 30%. That’s savings that goes straight out of the expense column onto your bottom line.

GHX Solutions for Manufacturers and Distributors

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Supplier Solutions
Supplier Solutions
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Healthcare Exchange and Sales Marketing Solutions
Healthcare suppliers?manufacturers and distributors of healthcare products?operate in an increasingly complex and challenging business environment. The healthcare industry demands a unique set of requirements on healthcare suppliers, especially with regards to regulatory compliance and healthcare reform. Supplier organizations that recognize the strategic importance of the supply chain and maximize the use of today’s powerful supply chain tools, are able to operate more cost-effectively, efficiently, and gain visibility into valuable sales and marketing data.

Since GHX launched a healthcare trading exchange in 2000, advancements in technology ushered in a new era of automation through electronic data interchange (EDI)?now the business norm for healthcare suppliers. Hospitals, clinics and physician offices can easily conduct transactions electronically with their trading par

Healthcare Supply Chain Software, EDI, Materials Management, Inventory, Logistics, Tools, Marketing Data and More.

Today, healthcare suppliers can employ numerous supply chain solutions that extend cost-saving measures far beyond the initial and substantial benefits of transacting electronically. These supply chain tools can provide market visibility through the collection of sales data, improve inventory management, simplify the complex rebate and chargeback processes and even streamline the healthcare contract management process.

As these tools continue to refine the business practices of healthcare, the effects are profound?for the industry and the patient.

GHX is a Healthcare Supply Chain Management firm. Our main offerings include: Supply Chain Technology, Healthcare Provider Solutions, Healthcare Supplier Solutions, Healthcare Management Software and Healthcare Business Consulting for Reducing Healthcare Costs.


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