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Become a vendor of choice

In today’s electronic world, customers want the ability to purchase supplies electronically. So much so, it can make or break a potential deal. Position yourself as a vendor of choice by putting GHX WebDirect2 to work for you. Not only does it enable you to meet your customers’ needs for e-commerce capabilities, it connects you to the GHX Global Network—a 32,000+ strong healthcare trading partner community that transacts through the GHX Exchange.   

eCommerce without a major IT investment

Using Internet access and a simple registration process, WebDirect2 enables your customers to work with you electronically. Customers send orders directly from their MMIS or ERP system, and you can view orders and respond to them using a simple, easy-to-use Web interface. As an inexpensive alternative to large EDI investments, WebDirect2 is a perfect option for small- to medium-size businesses. 


  • Work electronically with customers without making major IT investments
  • Grow your business by getting connected to the largest healthcare trading partner community 
  • Reduce order processing costs by up to 75%
  • Lower days sales outstanding 
  • Enhance customer satisfaction 


  • Functionality to electronically view orders and respond with acknowledgements, shipment notices and invoices
  • Connectivity to the GHX Global Network
  • Simple, easy-to-use Web interface
  • Tools for viewing and tracking 
  • Direct Download, which allows you to download orders directly into your system 
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