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Receive more orders electronically

Even if you’re already connected to the GHX Exchange, some orders may still arrive by phone or fax from smaller providers who don’t have electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities. GHX WebConnect is here to help, providing a way for these customers to order electronically so you can both reap the cost and efficiency advantages of electronic processing. It’s a win-win.

No cost or capital investments for your customers

Using GHX AllSource® content repository, manufacturers can easily load and publish product data to provide customers with easy access to current catalog items. With more up-to-date product information, AllSource helps increase the accuracy of orders, sourcing and contracting. The AllSource repository currently includes information on more than two million products, covering over 150 product attributes. New attributes can be added dynamically, including custom attributes based on your specific needs. 


  • Receive more orders electronically
  • Reduce the time and expense associated with manual orders
  • Enjoy better order tracking and reporting
  • Speed the purchase order approval process
  • Improve your customers’ experience


  • Online tool for your customers to create purchase orders and submit them electronically
  • Access to more accurate, up-to-date product information
  • Robust search capabilities 
  • Templates that make reordering efficient and consistent
  • Capability to show order updates from the Purchase Order Acknowledgement (855) and the Advanced Shipping Notice (856)
  • Ability to provide a custom experience through our Private Label WebConnect offering (PLWC)
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