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Shift EDI infrastructure management to the experts

If maintaining an electronic data interchange (EDI) infrastructure is distracting focus from your core business operations and the weight of e-commerce expenses is a drag, let GHX lighten the load. With GHX TradingNet, you can centralize your EDI infrastructure and outsource EDI functions to GHX, helping reduce your technology overhead and simplify system management.

Consolidate your electronic ordering for savings

GHX supply chain experts create a customized EDI infrastructure for your organization that consolidates all of your electronic ordering channels into one. TradingNet lets you receive orders electronically from any provider and provides a single reporting platform for ease of support. Plus, project management resources and technical expertise from GHX helps speed integration so you can start enjoying the benefits of TradingNet quickly.


  • Reduce the need for technology know-how and overhead
  • Streamline all of your e-commerce business
  • Avoid costs associated with Value Added Networks (VANs)
  • Leverage services that reduce order errors


  • Trusted expert EDI management
  • A single channel for all electronic ordering
  • Complete GHX Exchange connection services
  • Visibility into trading partners and transactions
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