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Outsourced Credentialing

Get the help you need when you need it most

Companies utilizing our consulting services achieve up to a 50 percent increase in representative credentialing compliance over those who rely on our simple hospital-access pricing plans. When your representatives show ready compliance with the industry-driven requirements of their healthcare customers, they are not only sales ready, but also considered valued partners.


  • Seamlessly develop and fully manage your credentialing office
  • Empower your staff to focus on managing deals, instead of documents
  • Expand your in-house resources for one-time projects (e.g., representative onboarding)
  • Utilize best practices to easily meet national compliance standards


  • Use smart technology to drive a more efficient process across all third-party credentialing companies
  • Utilize intelligent reporting to keep representatives compliant and sales-ready
  • Customize and evolve your credentialing solution to fit the needs of your business
  • Leverage experts to establish a sustainable in-house credentialing function
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Outsourced Credentialing