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Supplier owned and verified

Providing an accurate catalog of your latest product data translates to orders with fewer errors. Yet maintaining and publishing current “clean data” can be an elusive goal. That’s why we established the GHX AllSource® repository, the only supplier-owned and verified data synchronization platform in the healthcare industry. It simplifies the catalog maintenance process, which can otherwise be extremely complicated, costly and time consuming.

Simplify the catalog maintenance process

Using AllSource, manufacturers can easily load and publish product data to provide customers with easy access to current catalog items. With more up-to-date product information, AllSource helps increase the accuracy of orders as well as sourcing and contracting information. The AllSource repository currently includes information on more than two million products, covering over 150 product attributes. New attributes can be added dynamically, including custom attributes based on your specific needs. 


  • Easily find and update product information
  • Reduce order and invoice errors
  • Decrease days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs associated with catalogs 


  • More accurate, up-to-date product information
  • Self-serve catalog publication and download
  • Staging and production catalogs
  • Customizable catalog views for specific customers
  • Robust search capabilities 
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