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Requisition & Workflow Control

By helping automate your procurement process, GHX gives you the visibility and control you need to help reign in maverick spending. Unlike other offerings, our solutions leverage more accurate, up-to-date product and pricing data to improve contract management and reporting. You’ll create process efficiencies and drive contract compliance, helping you reduce supply spend by up to 12 percent.

Would you rather manage process or manage costs?

When a floor nurse puts in a request for a simple item like non-latex gloves, a surprisingly complex requisition and approval process begins. Requisitions must be generated, approved and turned into purchase orders, which then go through an even lengthier workflow. For many hospitals, this process is manual, making it labor intensive and error prone.

Electronic requisitioning reduces paperwork and saves time, but it doesn’t necessarily make your procurement staff more strategic. Take procurement to the next level by controlling spend. GHX combines automation with more accurate content, contract price validation and contract alignment. Our solutions provide visibility and control to help you pay on contract and identify savings opportunities.

GHX helps you tackle:

  • Off-contract, maverick spend: Control viewable content to the procurement team and choose which assets go into the contract file as searchable.
  • Low contract compliance: Reduce non-file and off-contract spend with added visibility into spend.
  • Price inaccuracy; price validation: Easily manage and resolve order exceptions via alerts through one portal before invoices are even generated.
  • Inaccurate item master data: Reduce billing and product coding errors by sending item master and PO history through the cleansing process.
  • Manual contract reconciliation: Eliminate manual contract reconciliation time through process automation and access to more accurate contract file information.
  • Contract underutilization: Control contract utilization with workflow tools that guide procurement staff to contract items on file.

Delivering real value to customers

Working with GHX, Hospital Sisters Health System dramatically increased its level of supply chain automation, centralized and streamlined its master data, and built a centralized master file operations team that provides visibility and transparency to spend. How can we help you?

GHX gave us the tools we needed in supply chain to get the cost savings we were being asked to achieve. Our supply chain goal was to reduce expenses by $12 million in fiscal year 2010, and we achieved more than $14 million in savings.
—Mark Weaver, Director Procurement and Contracting, Hospital Sisters Health System
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Requisition & Workflow Control