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Item Master Management

By cleaning and conditioning your organization’s data, GHX helps you reduce errors and improve contract alignment. Our solutions help deliver more accurate, up-to-date data that supports, enhances and connects hospital systems with minimal maintenance and redundancy. Really, it’s that easy.

Maximize the value of your item master

How big is your item master? You might have hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of items that help your procurement department quickly find and select products to purchase. But if you have duplicate entries, incomplete records or out-of-date information, your item master may not be delivering the benefits it could. 

Without a single source of information, your procurement department may be ordering the wrong products and spending valuable time fixing errors. This means you’re missing out on negotiated contract pricing and reimbursement opportunities. GHX can help you effectively manage your data so you can take advantage of these savings.

GHX helps you tackle:

  • Inaccurate item master data: Reduce billing and product ordering errors with the ability to quickly and conveniently cleanse your item master and source new items using validated item data.
  • Misaligned, inconsistent product descriptions: Achieve significant savings from reduced errors and improved revenue through the use of more accurate, up-to-date data in your materials system.
  • Amount of time required for managing product and price changes: Identify data errors and reimbursable products, and reduce the time it takes to map codes such as Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) and United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC). 

Delivering real value to customers

Hackensack University Medical Center worked with GHX on a multi-faceted approach to cost containment that enabled it to bring 80 to 90 percent of its spend and 50 percent of the items in its item master under contract. How can we help you?

Claims sail through now with nobody looking at them, and all charges have the correct revenue and HCPCS codes and are updated as changes are made.
—Karl Blomback, Vice President, Finance, Hackensack University Medical Center
Healthcare Providers: Where are you on the supply chain maturity curve? (3:22)

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Item Master Management