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Contract & Price Management

GHX delivers contract management solutions that help create process efficiencies and drive contract compliance. We automate labor-intensive contracting functions for better visibility, simplified management and improved compliance. Through real-time price validation and contract updates from the top six group purchasing organizations (GPOs), we can help you get a grip on supply spend and take advantage of available savings.

Are you missing out on cost savings?

When you’re ordering medical supplies—whether it’s sutures or blood pressure monitors—you want to make sure you’re paying the correct price every time. Sounds simple, right? Not if you’re using disparate systems, disconnected business processes and inaccurate, unreliable data.

In this scenario, contract management is a juggling act: start with a huge volume of contracts, and then add frequent price changes and new product activations. Chances are you’re going to drop the ball and miss out on savings. Not with GHX. We help automate your procurement so you can buy on-contract and take advantage of rebates and better tier-level pricing.

GHX helps you tackle:

  • Contract overpayments: Help your organization use accurate pricing by accessing current contract pricing loaded by your GPO or supplier.
  • Contract underutilization: Improve contract utilization and compliance with supplier-verified data and reporting tools that measure contract purchasing.
  • Price inaccuracy; price validation: Reduce inaccurate pricing with a three-way price match between the purchase order, acknowledgement and contract price.
  • Misaligned contracts: Identify tier eligibility, capitalize on early-pay discounts, and get visibility into vendor performance, contract compliance and purchasing history, allowing for better reporting and informed analysis.
  • Manual contract reconciliation: Reduce the manual effort required to update item master pricing by allowing for automated item master updates of current pricing.

Delivering real value to customers

We helped Memorial Hermann Healthcare System automate its contract management process, significantly improving efficiency and enabling the organization to identify about $25,000 per month in potential contract overpayments. How can we help you?

It [CCXpert] helps us on the front end because we have the right contract price loaded. And on the back end it helps the AP staff resolve discrepancies. We have all the data and detail we need, and are able to access it easily.
—Laura Newman, Business Analyst, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
Get control of contract price alignment and kick exceptions to the curb
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