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Vendor Manager

Effectively manage your entire vendor population

Vendor Manager positions you to consolidate, authenticate and gain visibility into 100 percent of your current and potential vendors for in-house efficiency and increased compliance. Until you have visibility into all of your vendors and their company level data, you will be challenged to eliminate shadow spending within your organization, as well as the risks associated with doing business with sanctioned, non-verified vendors.

Drive supply chain cost savings

Centralizing and controlling your vendor review process makes it easier for you to protect formularies, maintain a single, accurate vendor master file and take an enterprise-wide view of vendor expenses.


  • Register and authenticate current and potential vendors
  • Find qualified, vetted vendors to meet quality, cost and diversity demands
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Streamline work processes


  • Simplify process for vendors to submit required company data, documents, and contacts
  • Verify tax ID verification and screen for business associate risk, diversity status, and OIG sanctions
  • Create a single vendor master file to feed downstream systems
  • Collect accounts payable (AP) data and maximize vendor use of e-payment
  • Organize and make all vendor documents accessible to cross-functional staff
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Vendor Manager