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Send all of your orders electronically through GHX.

No more faxing or placing orders by phone

If you’re connected to the GHX Exchange, you’ve made the leap to electronic purchasing—at least with suppliers who are also connected. Thankfully, GHX MetaTrade lets you purchase electronically from suppliers who are not yet connected, saving you the time and cost of dealing with fax or phone orders. You can reap the benefits of electronic ordering regardless of how your suppliers receive them.

Convert EDI to fax or email

MetaTrade converts electronic data interchange (EDI) orders into fax or email format, then automatically routes that fax or email order to the appropriate supplier. These orders follow the same path as your other GHX Exchange purchase orders, providing a consistent manner by which orders are processed, managed and reported. All orders, including those placed through MetaTrade, are displayed in a single location for easy tracking and management.


  • Save the time and cost of placing orders via fax or phone
  • Reap the benefits of electronic purchasing
  • Improve order tracking and management
  • Reduce errors and discrepancies


  • Automated conversion of EDI orders to fax or email
  • Automatic routing to the appropriate supplier
  • Tool for electronic acknowledgement of orders
  • Single location for tracking orders, including those for non-GHX connected suppliers

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