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Contract Manager Xpert

Turn CHAOS into CONTROL in the contracting workflow

One solution to optimize your contract life-cycle process

There are many challenges to managing contracting like vendor validation, negotiations and document workflow, and disparate storage that can prohibit access to key information. Contract Manager Xpert addresses these problems with a balance between security and access while simplifying the tasks of keeping up with dates, current contact information and terms associated with your vendor contracts.

With Contract Manager Xpert you can find all of your contracts — everything from purchasing materials and services-related contracts to physician agreements and leases — stored in one place with permission-based interdepartmental accessibility. Access accurate information using advanced search capabilities and up-to-date contract data so that users can easily see every product and service on contract.


  • Simplify contract life-cycle management with a single, secure online portal
  • Maintain compliance with government and internal audit requirements for document retention and approval process
  • Gain visibility into vendor company level contacts and credential including sanction checks from over 35 federal/state sources and financial data
  • Easily implement the solution across your organization — no hardware required


  • Single online portal — no more paper
  • Unlimited storage of files and attachments associated to contracts and vendors 
  • Unique contract URLs for application sharing (e.g. ERP systems,
  • Auto-renew features for evergreen contracts
  • Track and monitor clauses contained in your agreements
  • Customizable reporting
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Contract Manager Xpert