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Put your contracts to work for significant savings

The contracts you’ve worked hard to negotiate with manufacturers and suppliers can represent significant cost savings—provided they’re actually used. With GHX CCXpert, you can automate labor-intensive contracting functions for better visibility, simplified management and improved compliance. Save up to three percent of your contract spend by paying the correct contract price, and achieve significant labor savings by reducing manual work.

Keep current with contract pricing

CCXpert is a contract management tool that helps you maintain pricing accuracy through price validation, detailed historical purchasing reports and contract updates. It’s the healthcare industry’s only real-time repository of group purchasing organization (GPO) and local contract pricing. When an order is placed, CCXpert performs a three-way price match between the purchase order, acknowledgement and contract price to help ensure the right product is purchased at the right price. You’ll reduce the need for order reconciliation and open the door for early-pay discounts.


  • Buy the right products at the right price
  • Reduce order and invoice discrepancies
  • Reduce, or even eliminate, the need for manual reconciliation
  • Achieve savings from contract compliance and volume discounts
  • Take advantage of early-pay discounts
  • Identify new contract opportunities


  • Real-time price validation
  • Contract updates from top six GPOs
  • Detailed purchasing reports, including contract tier status
  • Contract management for GPO agreements and local contracts
  • Tools to view and sort by contract, item number or date
  • Enhanced visibility into supply chain
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