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Advanced Order Manager

The right implant, at the right price, at the right time.

Get on the path to automated implantable device management

For providers, Advanced Order Manager is the first step in the GHX IDSC solution, which helps your organization get the right implant, at the right price, at the right time. IDSC inefficiencies cost providers 7% in revenue leakage, 12% in invoice discrepancies and 4% in supplier overpayment. Now’s the time to get on the path to automated implantable device management—you can’t afford not to.

A new level of accuracy and efficiency in the operating room

Advanced Order Manager takes your electronic requisitions and turns them into electronic purchase orders, sending them directly to your suppliers through the GHX Exchange. Essentially, it lets you manage implants the same way you’ve been managing medical-surgical products.

Implantable order automation and electronic data capture help your organization resolve discrepancies quickly, pay the correct contract price, and gain greater visibility into what’s being purchased and consumed in the operating room. With this information and the ability to easily add new electronic trading partners, you can leverage Advanced Order Manager to negotiate for better pricing and improve spend management. 


  • Reduce overpayment and get the implantable devices you need seamlessly
  • Improve accuracy and reduce invoice discrepancies
  • Keep orders and invoices flowing seamlessly and quickly through your system
  • Expand your supplier trading connections for greater savings
  • Negotiate for better pricing


  • Electronic order management for implantable devices
  • Automated process for fixing incorrect data
  • Access to GHX My Exchange for managing and resolving exceptions
  • Tools to quickly add new suppliers and increase EDI volume
  • Visibility into implantable spend and usage

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Advanced Order Manager