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Healthcare Provider Products

Are you doing everything you can to reduce errors, control costs and improve contract compliance throughout your supply chain? GHX offers a wide range of products that can help.

We help you automate your procurement process and ensure your location and the product you are ordering are identified correctly. We help you get the correct price every time you purchase a product, no matter who in the organization orders that product. We give you visibility into all of the purchasing that takes place in your organization so you can correct poor spending habits. And we automate your invoicing and payment processing so you can be sure you pay on time.

Advanced Order Manager
Advanced Order Manager helps provider organizations accurately and efficiently automate the ordering of implants for the Operating Room (OR), the same way they automate the ordering of med-surg products using the GHX Exchange, turning electronic requisitions into electronic purchase orders and sending them directly to suppliers.
CCXpert helps provider organizations achieve accurate pricing in their purchases by electronically performing a three-way price match between the purchase order (PO), acknowledgement (POA) and contract price on orders flowing through the GHX Exchange. CCXpert aims for the perfect order: the right product is purchased at the right price at the right time.
Compliance Document Manager
Compliance Document Manager is an online solution for provider organizations to assess business associates (BA) risks across all current and potential vendors. The service allows providers to identify and manage BAs as required by HIPAA.
Contract Manager Xpert
Contract Manager Xpert is an online portal used by provider organizations to more easily manage the administration of their contracted vendors. The portal helps maintain important vendor data such as contacts, contract dates and terms, as well as manage vendor validation, negotiations and contract/document storage.
ePay is an electronic payment processing solution created exclusively for the healthcare industry. Providers can control payment flow based on the “best-value” payment option and leverage pre-established discount terms for various modes of payment, even with suppliers that don’t take cards.
Exchange Enterprise
Exchange Enterprise is the comprehensive solution suite that advances supply chain automation, enables strategic decisions in supply chain and contract management, and supports supplier compliance requirements with insight to improve patient safety.
Exchange Services
Exchange Services (a.k.a. GHX Exchange) gives provider organizations a single electronic data interchange (EDI) connection (Connect Plus®) to 600+ med-surg suppliers, automating the ordering process and providing real-time online access to view orders and manage errors/discrepancies by exception.
Item ConneXion
A self-service web-based solution helping small Exchange-connected hospitals improve consistency and accuracy of its item master data by offering access to supply data that is more accurate, up-to-date and standardized, thereby reducing purchase order errors and delivering accurate supply chain data to various constituents across the organization.
MetaTrade is a tool that converts a provider organization’s EDI purchase orders into fax or email format then routes them to a supplier organization who is not EDI-capable, reducing the need to fax or place orders by phone and enabling receipt of a digital purchase order acknowledgement.
NuVia ®
NuVia is a solution that continually cleans and conditions an Exchange-connected provider organization’s supply chain data with minimal maintenance and redundancy, keeping it up-to-date and synchronized across its internal systems. Clean data exponentially improves the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s supply chain.
OnDemand AP ®
OnDemand AP is a solution that transitions a provider organization’s invoicing process from a paper-based manual process to an electronic automated process, greatly improving process efficiencies and cost-savings. Three levels of service are offered, providing greater workflow automation and visibility with each increase in service level.
Procurement Suite
Procurement Suite helps Exchange-connected provider organizations reign in off-contract spend by bringing automated, up-to-date product and contract data to buyers so they can quickly find the products they need and keep within contract compliance, creating process efficiencies and significant savings.
Provider Intelligence
Provider Intelligence is a cloud-based application for Exchange-connected provider organizations that measures and tracks its supply chain metrics, allowing greater visibility and in-depth analysis into operational and financial performance.
Vendor Manager
Vendor Manager is a portal for provider organizations to on-board, authenticate and gain visibility across 100 percent of its vendors — current and potential — for in-house efficiency and increased compliance. Providers maintain visibility into all vendors, including company-level data, to eliminate shadow spending and the risks associated with doing business with sanctioned, non-verified vendors.
Vendormate Credentialing
Vendormate Credentialing helps provider organizations effectively conduct critical screening processes across all its vendors and their representatives in a cost-effective way, maintain credentialing documentation in one central location, and create custom facility access procedures and requirements in order to meet its goals around patient safety and regulatory compliance.
Provider Products
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