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Global Standards

GHX supports industry adoption and use of global data standards. We believe that their expanded use enables greater visibility and collaboration in the healthcare supply chain. Increased standards adoption builds trust among stakeholders, improves efficiencies and leads to better patient care and improved financial performance.

Our position

An open and neutral organization, GHX does not endorse the standards of one particular body over another; however, because there is significant movement toward GS1 standards globally, GHX is supporting the healthcare community as it implements GS1 Global Location Numbers (GLNs) and Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) in supply chain transactions.

We’re here to help

As the world’s largest healthcare exchange, connecting the majority of healthcare providers and suppliers in the U.S., as well as trading partners in Canada and Europe, GHX is uniquely positioned to serve as a strategic partner for global data standards enablement. Through programs, resources and service offerings focused solely on the needs of the healthcare industry, we are helping to accelerate the adoption and use of global data standards for the benefit of our members and the patients they serve.

In July 2012, the FDA released its proposed Unique Device Identification rule. Find out what this means to your business and how you can get ready in a five-part blog series from Karen Conway, GHX Industry Relations Director:
Global Standards
Global Standards
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