See some of our experts talk about the big topics in our industry...

Our experts explore some of the big topics that are affecting our industry, along with how GHX solutions and services are evolving to keep pace with these changes. Take a look at these short videos and keep abreast of some of the latest thinking.



GHX: 15 years of the way you do business in healthcare

Celebrating 15 years of GHX, this short video provides an overview of the GHX mission and its growth and major achievements since inception in 2000. Learn what GHX has done for healthcare for 15 years.



Talking the same language - standards adoption

We explore the importance of data standards in the healthcare supply chain, addressing the problems they solve in the community, their ability to remove friction, and the gains in efficiency they promote.



CoreX: GHX's Platform Upgrade

Listen to Steve Cochran, GHX Chief Technology Officer, as he discusses the new GHX enhanced Exchange platform - designed to cope with the unique demands of the healthcare supply chain. Learn how it will process millions of transactions a year in split seconds.



Kitting Theatres at Cambridge University Hospitals

GHX worked with partners and Addenbrookes Hospital to implement a new kitting solution. Using RFID technology and GHX inventory management software, Cambridge cut the time that clinical staff spent topping up theatre stores.



PEPPOL – Making Procurement Better

Pan European Public Procurement OnLine (PEPPOL) is a European Commission-led initiative to standardise the format and transmission of electronic business documents, driving adoption of ‘eProcurement’ and the associated benefits for patient safety and efficiency.



GS1 - Helping the NHS save thousands of lives and millions of pounds

GS1 UK works with healthcare providers and suppliers to provide improved patient safety, greater regulatory compliance and to drive operational efficiencies. Watch this short video to learn what GS1 standards can do for healthcare.



Healthcare Manufacturers: Become the Vendor of Choice.

See how we can help you become the vendor of choice - achieving greater loyalty from customers, reducing your operating expense, and generating higher profits.



Healthcare Providers: Take the complexity out of your supply chain

See how we can save you up to 12% of your total supply chain costs by maximizing supply chain automation and accuracy with GHX - helping you focus on patient care.

Our people


Experts in the healthcare supply chain

GHX attracts some of the most talented people in supply chain technology, as well as industry specialists who ensure that everything we do is designed to simplify the business of healthcare.

Nedzad Fajic, President

As the president of GHX Europe, Fajic directs the European leadership team, leads the company's European operations and supports our customers’ successes.