The New Global My Exchange FAQs

What's new? 

There's lots new in My Exchange, but most importantly, My Exchange has added transparency and data access. Having insight into the entire document flow will give your organization greater opportunities to "self-serve" and expand your GHX ROI. 


How does the cutover procedure look like?

At the agreed date/time GHX will not post any new transactions to the legacy MyExchange anymore and new transactions will just become visible on the Global My Exchange. As soon as this switch has taken place, your GHX contact will inform the migration lead on your side in order to let you know to just use the Global My Exchange going forward.

Please note that all parked orders on the legacy MyExchange website should be managed prior to cutover i.e. they may need to get released before. In case of parked orders remaining on the legacy website after the cutover event, please stop these orders using the legacy website and handle those orders manually.


What is the effort on our side to be migrated?

Efforts are limited to project coordination and time to get familiar with the Global My Exchange core functionality (i.e. the actual training and reviewing education materials provided). After cutover some time should be reserved to double check initial document traffic in Global My Exchange and your ERP system.


Which type of resources do I need to get successfully migrated to the Global My Exchange?

GHX requires a named migration lead and current MyExchange key users to participate in the web-based training session. We recommend to involve an IT-representative on your side who could support root cause analysis during hypercare if required.


We are using MyExchange V2.0 for multiple markets. Will they be migrated at once?

Every market has its own setup and configuration. A migration takes place by country. Depending on your market management, we may migrate all of them at once.


Do I still need access to MyExchange V2.0 after cutover?

We will keep your access open for 90 days post cutover. So you will still be able to review past transactions during this time frame. No new transactions will be visible in MyExchange V2.0 post cutover


How do I get support from GHX in case of any issues or questions after the cutover?

Within hypercare period please contact GHX‘s regular support team ( and cc your GHX Project Manager on any support related communication too. Once hypercare period is over please just direct your support issues to GHX‘s regular support team as usual.


I am using MyExchange V2.0 Portal to maintain my HealthNexus catalog. How do I manage my HealthNexus catalog going forward?

Access to manage Nexus catalogs and content will continue to be through the current (MyExchange V2.0) login page through 2019. We are currently reviewing our content and catalog roadmap strategy to bring this functionality together in 2020 with our next generation content and catalog management tools. 


Is there still my ClearingOnProcess functionality available?

Global My Exchange ORDERS Application offers so called „Intelligent Business Rules“. This functionality brings enhanced ClearingOnProcess.


Will there be a migration of my current ClearingOnProcess mappings to Intelligent Business Rules?

Yes. Before cutover GHX will export all ClearingOnProcess mappings from MyExchange V2.0 and will import into Intelligent Business Rules.


Does the content or the format of EDI messages received change due to the migration?

No, there will not be any changes to format and content.


I want to adjust/enhance my Exchange setup or to change MyExchange configurations while migrating to Global My Exchange. Will it be possible?

Your migration project to the Global My Exchange is about migrating your legacy MyExchange V2.0 configuration as-is.


There are already orders and return documents visible in Global My Exchange although cutover has not taken place yet. Is it correct?

Migrating to Global My Exchange does not impact the underlying Exchange itself. So past transaction may already be visible in Global My Exchange, but visibility may not be formatted correctly in every case. For reviewing pre-cut over transactions please use legacy MyExchange website.


What browsers are supported? 

Internet Explorer 11  Latest two versions Chrome  Latest two versions  Firefox  Latest two versions  Safari  Latest two versions  Edge  Latest two versions 


Are the new GHX products GDPR compliant?

Yes, the GHX Exchange and our My Exchange web applications are GDPR compliant. For further details and GHX declaration, please contact your Account Manager.