GHX Procure
New Global Requisitioning and Inventory System

We are excited to announce the development of a new requisitioning and inventory solution ‘GHX Procure’, for the global healthcare provider market.

GHX Procure will build upon the expansive functionality of the GHX PowerGate system, combining GHX’s existing procurement solutions to create a global supply chain solution. Whilst harnessing existing functionality, the system is being designed from the ground up with specific consideration to user experience and new functionality.

Using modern technologies, and working closely with industry experts, GHX Procure will simplify and expand the functionality that is available to our customers today, elevating the industry’s expectations of a requisitioning and inventory solution. As we are using a modular approach, it will be possible to implement in a way to suit all customers’ needs, catering for all hospital sizes and specialities.

GHX Procure will help increase accuracy and efficiency in the supply chain, and will cut unnecessary financial and labour costs out of healthcare.
Functionality to be included:

  • Capture 100% of spend via requisitions in all areas across the Organisation
  • Ability to support any MMIS/ERP/RFID/TS integrations
  • Robust and flexible approval workflow routing on requisitions to control spend
  • Punch out to Round Trip Suppliers for Supplier catalogue access during requisitioning
  • Automated alerts for outstanding approvals, outstanding orders, safety stock breaches, expiring and expired products
  • Mobile application, supporting manufacturer independent handheld wireless, docked or static devices
  • Full and customisable batch traceability from point of goods receipt to use on patient
  • Patient level costing
  • Consignment & Consignor Management
  • Stock on Hand, Stock Committed, and Stock on Order visibility, providing an accurate stock valuation across any number of stock locations, including specific pricing for each unit

Late 2018

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