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AP Optimization Services

It takes people, processes and technology to provide optimal value

Automating your invoicing process is an important part of the AP optimization equation, but technology alone won’t solve your business problem. Turn to GHX AP Optimization Services to help you achieve hard-dollar savings and reduce labor requirements by transforming your accounts payable function. Say goodbye to the days of paper-based processes plagued with errors and inefficiencies and hello to a well-tuned, efficient and highly automated operation.

AP Optimization Services help you:

  • Align and optimize policies and procedures
  • Design work processes that help make the best use of your technology
  • Get the right people doing the right jobs
  • Train people on policies and procedures

Move from paper cuts to paperless

AP Optimization Services combine technology with process improvement and resource alignment to deliver optimal value. Using a variety of assessments to analyze technology, processes and people, GHX reviews your AP operation to see where you stand compared to other organizations and determine where you should make improvements. Whether you have very little to no invoice automation or have automated 100% of the invoices you receive, GHX will work with you to fully optimize your AP operation to better position yourself for long-term viability.

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AP Optimization Services