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Drive costs out of your supply chain

You’re under more pressure than ever to find ways to improve operating margins and increase profits. And your supply chain may provide the fastest, easiest means for getting there. So make the most of it by working with GHX Business Solutions. Our team leverages expertise, tools and analytics to help drive costs out of your supply chain and improve margins. We start working with you at the beginning of your supply chain transformation, evaluating your people, processes and technology, and then make recommendations about where you can achieve the greatest value.

GHX Business Solutions will help you:

  • Increase automation of manual processes
  • Leverage technology to focus on exception management
  • Align your organization’s vision and objectives
  • Analyze spend history to help determine the cause of non-contract spending
  • Improve data management processes and increase the use of cleansed data
  • Develop metrics to monitor the impact of change on your organization
  • Meet additional organizational needs such as training and process development

Consulting and healthcare expertise you can count on

The GHX Business Solutions team is focused purely on healthcare, so we understand your challenges. We’re intimately familiar with the systems and processes that comprise most healthcare supply chains. With years of "Big 4" consulting and healthcare industry experience, our staff leverages in-depth knowledge and a wide range of specialized skills and capabilities. Our experience helps us deliver supply chain management and optimization to your organization—quickly and cost effectively.

Consulting Services
Consulting Services
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Healthcare Supply Chain Consulting

Thriving, or simply surviving, in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare industry can be incredibly challenging. More than ever before, healthcare organizations are experiencing tremendous pressure on margins and are continually forced to look for new ways to reduce costs. Professional supply chain consulting, specifically consultants to organizations that buy and sell medical supplies, offers expertise that can bring big relief when you need to improve financial performance.

A supply chain that operates efficiently and effectively may appear to be an easy goal but, in reality, can be very complex. Experts with healthcare business consulting can help organizations to achieve supply chain optimization.  

Tools & Solutions for Effective Supply Chain Management

Healthcare industry consulting is an analysis of a hospital’s supply chain, identifying where processes can be improved and automation implemented. An organization’s supply chain processes, management tools, technology, and staff knowledge are all considered in the assessment. Once the unique capabilities and supply chain strategies of the organization are understood, supply chain consulting experts recommend customized management solutions and guide the organization, not just Materials Management, through supply chain planning and execution. Recommended solutions cover a wide range of possibilities, from contract management to data cleansing and conditioning, inventory management and procurement or invoicing software.

Because a successful outcome is largely dependent on how well an organization’s staff is committed to and trained for any new strategy, change management expertise is incorporated every step of the way. 

GHX is a Healthcare Supply Chain Management company. Our main offerings include: Healthcare Industry Consulting, Automated Hospital Accounts Payable, Medical Business Intelligence, and Medical EDI.