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About GHX Canada

GHX was created based on an urgent mission to use the power of the Internet to reduce inefficiencies rampant in the healthcare supply chain. Prompted by increased recognition of those inefficiencies, five of the world’s largest medical product manufacturers — Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, Baxter International Inc., Abbott Laboratories and Medtronic, Inc. — founded Global Healthcare Exchange in 2000. What followed was significant growth as provider and supplier organizations joined together with GHX to form the largest trading exchange in healthcare. 

GHX in Canada

GHX has achieved the critical mass of participation which industry studies cite as key to driving real efficiencies in the healthcare supply chain.

In Canada, GHX:

  • Supports more than 2,600 unique trading partner (healthcare provider-to-supplier) connections
  • Over 350 Provider organizations and 139 Supplier divisions participating in Canada 

This represents 50-60% provider participation in Canada. These suppliers provide approximately 70-80% of the medical/surgical items purchased by Canadian hospitals on a regular basis.

Business Model

GHX is a software and services company that’s reducing the cost of doing business in healthcare.

We’ve built the GHX Global Network, the largest business community in healthcare, connecting supply chain, finance and clinical professionals with their trading partners. We’ve created a pioneering platform that’s making it dramatically easier for customers to drive cost out of the healthcare supply chain. In fact in the past two years, we’ve eliminated over $4B and are on track to eliminate $5B in five years.

Today we are expanding our solutions, so customers realize even more savings. And unlike others in the market, we don’t shift costs but actually eliminate them, so within the GHX Global Network, hospitals stay focused on delivering quality care and suppliers can keep creating new life-saving products for patients.

Industry Involvement

GHX is helping to advance healthcare e-commerce by supporting industry standards. As an open and neutral exchange, GHX is well-positioned to work with supply chain constituents utilizing standards that will enable the efficiencies and cost savings promised by eCommerce. GHX is a founding member and participates on the Board of the Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN). GHX is also an associate member of GS1 Canada and MEDEC.

GHX has also created Health ConneXionSM, a GDSN certified data pool. This data pool foundation will help facilitate the adoption of GS1 standards that is being adopted by the Canadian healthcare community.

GHX’s neutral position has facilitated its ability to successfully integrate with various information systems used in healthcare. This integration experience will reduce project risk, speed up implementation and provide your organization with a greater opportunity to maximize the benefits of an invoice automation solution. Furthermore, GHX has been successful in developing other industry third-party relationships to accommodate adoption and individual customer needs.

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About GHX Canada