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Vendormate credentialing

Do you want to be known as the company that puts their customer’s priorities first or the one trying to sneak in a back door?

Send the right message to your customers — the relationship is important. GHX Vendormate Credentialing can help you get there with better administrative tools and first-class support to answer your questions.

Efficient for Credentialing Administrators and Sales Teams

  • Gain access to more facilities with less effort
  • Only one invoice to manage reduces administrative effort
  • GHX credentialing account managers provide clarification and direction for your credentialing administrators
  • Access a secure database to manage your rep’s credentialing documents and status with intelligent reporting capability
  • Leverage the GHX support team for sales representatives to help them stay compliant and ready to enter customer facilities
  • New functionality within the GHX Vendormate mobile app helps reps manage compliance on the go and provides a quick process for printed or digital badges
  • Spend less time managing credentialing requirements and more time focusing on your customers