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My Exchange Supplier

Your customers are asking for you to join knowing that only together can costs be driven from healthcare for improved patient outcomes.

GHX My Exchange is the path to operational excellence that also makes you easy to do business with. By joining the My Exchange community of trading partners, you take a strategic step in becoming easy to do business with — in a highly competitive marketplace — with over 4000 healthcare provider organizations. Operational improvements are gained through automation of the ordering process through systems integration, reduced manual work and access to real time data to view and validate order information with visibility into all orders placed.

My Exchange:

  • Saves time and money with an efficient, accurate system of order management
  • Lets you work from a single portal for visibility from order to cash
  • Enhances communication and accelerates communication with your trading partners through Social Collaboration
  • Provides continually refreshed data so that you and your vendor are looking at the same transaction data
Your customers are asking for you. Reach out to GHX for more information on My Exchange.