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Value you can measure

The money you’ve helped save healthcare since January 1, 2010, using GHX solutions

By transacting business through GHX, you keep increasing the amount saved by the healthcare industry, as a result of faster, more efficient, and more accurate procurement processes. On January 1, 2010, we started the clock on our “5 in 5” pledge to take $5 billion out of the cost of healthcare in five years. This number measures our progress. Savings calculations are independently validated by PRTM.





Your testament to the value of purchasing electronically

This is the number of requisitions, purchase orders and invoices Exchange participants have collectively processed through GHX in the last 12 months. These EDI-based transactions represent a significant dollar savings to the industry compared to the manual alternative (phone, fax, and email).



You’re now sending more than 50% of all med-surg spend through GHX

This is the total dollar value of North American supply chain volume you have processed through the GHX Exchange in the last 12 months.



You’ve blazed the trail with more than a decade of expansion and growth

This shows the historical growth in the dollar value of transactions you have processed through the GHX Exchange since it went live in late 2000. The increased utilization of the Exchange testifies to the savings and efficiencies you’ve realized over time. There is a direct correlation between the growth in transaction volume and money saved by the industry.




You’ve created and embraced a unified community of trading partners

By bringing together more than 4,000 healthcare provider organizations with 400 manufacturers and distributors, the GHX Exchange creates a highly efficient community of trading partners. Shown here is the total number of trading partner connections currently established, managed and kept continuously up-to-date by GHX, enabling accurate and efficient trading through the Exchange.