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The New Global Exchange Platform

World-Class Flexibility, Scalability, Security & Speed

CoreX (for Core Exchange) is a three-year, multi-million dollar initiative to ensure that GHX continues to offer the most advanced, sophisticated e-commerce platform available in healthcare. With the CoreX initiative, GHX has created an even more robust foundation to meet and exceed your needs as business processes accelerate and grow in sophistication.

Migrating GHX Customers to the New Global Exchange Platform

Our commitment to delivering the most stable and reliable e-commerce platform will be especially evident in 2015 as we migrate customers to the new cloud-based platform that brings together best-in-class and next-generation architecture, setting the standard for cost-effective security, scalability, flexibility, reliability and speed.

The new Global Exchange platform is powered by components that form a robust document processing, transaction and routing platform. Using best practice security and auditing techniques, the platform provides a centralized and non-reputable message trail for all activities that occur in the system. All data is safeguarded—encrypted at rest and secured in transit.

Learn more from the FAQ section below, the CoreX brochure, and the 5-minute interview with Steve Cochran, GHX Chief Technology Officer, as he addresses four key questions:

  • Why is GHX building a new technology platform?
  • What is different about the new platform?
  • What does it mean from a performance perspective?
  • How and when will GHX customers be affected by the change?

General FAQ

GHX is continually working to strengthen our platform and core technology, to create an even more robust foundation to meet and exceed your needs as your business processes accelerate and grow in sophistication. GHX’s future vision for the Exchange is founded upon several key objectives: to create a more scalable, reliable, highly available and supportable Exchange platform that accommodates high growth and new opportunities among trading partners.

The advent of modern cloud-based technologies offers an infrastructure that natively provides best-in-class reliability and automatic scaling opportunities, yielding greater opportunities for GHX to grow as its customers grow.

The new technology platform is the first B2B Exchange to decisively meet the needs of the healthcare trading business. It is a continuation of the current GHX Exchange, re-examined from the ground up. It’s built with security at the forefront, enabled with the reliability, scalability and extensibility of cloud technologies, and will serve as the foundation for all GHX solutions in the future.

Many different frameworks have emerged during the platform’s development, which will become pillars of future solutions and opportunities that GHX will implement to meet the diverse needs of healthcare organizations. This foundation allows GHX unparalleled opportunities to scale with its customers.

In order to proactively increase performance, scalability, and reliability of the Exchange, this new platform introduces use of Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) cloud-backed system hosting and data exchange—and the beneficial recommendations, guidelines and inherent standards of AWS cloud.

Cloud-based technology also offers increased opportunity for redundancy (for both scale and resilience) in multiple geographies. This offers GHX the ability to scale-up and scale-down to meet performance requirements and the mission critical needs of its customers.

Beginning April 2015 through the end of the year, GHX will conduct a programmatic migration of principal business processes to this new technology platform. This migration includes: ordering, acknowledgements, invoicing, shipping notifications, contracting, catalog publishing and sales tracing.

The new platform was designed and built to minimally impact the GHX community and ensure data quality throughout the migration. Our investment in an extensive preparation effort to analyze our trading community, as well as employ innovations within the new platform, will allow for concurrent and smooth execution of targeted migrations. During the migration, no direct engagement will be required from customers.

As mentioned above, GHX will begin a programmatic migration of principal business processes to this new technology platform. This includes: ordering, acknowledgements, invoicing, shipping notifications, contracting, catalog publishing and sales tracing. In the upcoming months, GHX will send additional communications as specific business processes are being changed.

For questions about the new platform and the upcoming business process migrations, contact your GHX representative or GHX Support at 1.800.YOUR.GHX (1.800.968.7449).

CoreX Migration FAQ

Unlike the legacy GHX Exchange platform, in the CoreX-powered platform, all document processing occurs at the business process level.  The migration to the new platform will review (audit) each individual business process to validate the configuration and check that data processed on both platforms is identical. In contrast, previous platform migrations were targeted at the receiving partner’s configuration.  While this methodology helped to standardize services, there were issues created by data variations between unique trading partners, especially when data occurred infrequently.

GHX began migrating non-supply-chain documents (representing approximately 12% of the overall GHX Exchange traffic) to the CoreX-powered platform in late 2014.  GHX will begin migrating supply chain documents (purchase order, acknowledgement, ASN, invoice, etc.) in May 2015. The migration is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The migration will take into consideration common customer-sensitive periods, including end of month and quarter for invoice processing and holiday periods including July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving week, Christmas and New Years.

Customers do not need to make any changes during the migration processes.  Also, due to the granularity of the migrations, and the process to achieve a quality metric before promotion to the new platform, the GHX team will not be able to schedule migrations with customers. 

However, GHX will update the customer community on the status of the migration through the CoreX section of the GHX website:

There are several phases to the migration to the CoreX-powered platform:

  • Development & Testing: October 2014 - May 2015, with ongoing incremental improvements during migration
  • Infrastructure & Operations: October 2014 - April 2015
  • Platform Integration: March 2015 - May 2015
  • Non-Supply Chain Document Migration: November 2014 - April 2015
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgement: May 2015 - July 2015
  • Purchase Order: July 2015 - August 2015
  • Advanced Shipment Notification: September 2015 - October 2015
  • Invoicing (non OnDemandAP): October 2015 - November 2015
  • Global Fax: November 2015
  • OnDemandAP & Other Invoicing Services: November 2015- December 2015
  • Legacy Platform Decommission: December 2015

The CoreX migration process leverages a unique engine to execute specified workloads simultaneously across the new and legacy platforms (with the legacy platform having primary responsibility).  The data will then be programmatically compared at the individual business relationship level over a specified timeframe until specific quality metrics are satisfied (by default 10 successful matches over 30 days) at which point everything matching 100% of the quality metric will be automatically "promoted" to the new platform.

   What about documents that fail the programmatic comparison?

Any document that fails programmatic comparison will still be delivered out of the legacy system in real time.  Additionally, the exception will create an alert/event for GHX migration technicians to review.  This event will show the processing of the documents side-by-side allowing administrators to review the data elements that are not matched, and the services that were executed on each platform.

In each of the document migration phases, traffic goes through the following phases:

  • Analysis & planning
  • Configuration build out and validation
  • Migration via the Audit Framework
  • Migration by customer template (collection of services)
  • Execution of audits in increments of 5% daily 
  • Review of audit results daily, review of exceptions in real-time

Any new business processes (defined by new document types) are already being launched on the new platform.  For existing customers adding new trading partners, or adopting additional services beyond GHX Exchange functions, that activity will continue as-is through Q2 2015 and will be transitioned during Q3 2015 (at a date to be announced).

There are no changes to the GHX reporting tools such as MyExchange/MyExchangeSupplier, Supplier Score Cards, etc.

There will be changes to GHX Registration tools through the course of the CoreX migration project. These changes will be rolled out separately from the migration effort.


CoreX (for Core Exchange) is a three-year, multi-million dollar initiative to ensure that GHX continues to offer the most advanced, sophisticated e-commerce platform available in healthcare. This video presents a fast-paced flyover of the new CoreX-developed GHX Global Exchange interface. It presents the power of CoreX from the user’s perspective.
At the 2015 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit, Tina Vatanka Murphy announces the CoreX Initiative, the most monumental development effort on the Exchange platform since its inception. Hear how CoreX, a multi-year $15 million initiative, ensures the GHX Exchange is, and continues to be, a world-class platform.
Listen to Steve Cochran, GHX Chief Technology Officer as he discusses the new GHX enhanced platform.
CoreX Initiative
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